AW16 fashion trends I’ve fallen in love with

AW16 fashion trends I've fallen in love with

I don’t usually succumb to trends very easily. Not at all, in fact. And if I do then it’s with a few months’ delay (you know the standard people get sick of it so I can start liking it). But this year, this year’s been a good un – there’s a couple of trends & styles (& 90’s resurrections) I’ll happily add to my wardrobe. Perhaps not in the timely fashion (see what I did here? ha!) of how one should be rushing towards trends with open arms but I’ll add them to my collection nonetheless – with some caution & perhaps a slightly more selective approach. The dreamy wardrobe overhaul at the top is from (you can find all items on their website) but first let me give you a rundown of the AW16 trends I’ve been enjoying the most!

Pleather everything: More of an AW-every-year but definitely my most favourite. I think pleater (or leather for that matter) pieces just look so much more expensive and sophisticated. There are some beautiful pleather skirts at Oasis right now – the black pleated one is just to die for!

Crisp colours: There’s not a huge amount of mustard, wine, green and all those proper autumnal colours around at the moment (at least not as much as it tends to be). And you know what? I like that! I really appreciate the clean cuts combined with crisp whites, blacks and beiges.

Super ultra thin lingerie: I’m completely, madly and deeply in love with the ultra thin & super soft underwear trend. I’ve stopped wearing anything padded and oh what a joy that is! I know that Forever 21 and H&M have quite a good range of these but the Agent Provocateur lingerie sets are making me speechless. Especially the bodysuits – insert hallelujah emoji hands.

PJs for days: I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect pyjamas top for ages and these River Island shirts are spot on! The white one’s in fact a blazer which makes it about a million times more attractive to me – if you didn’t know, I eat blazers for lunch!

Chunky court heels: And finally the one trend I wasn’t too keen on initially but this pink pair of heels by Aldo completely changed my mind. The shape of these is perfect – it doesn’t look frumpy (most of these chunky courts usually look like something you found at a charity shop in a small village in the middle of a no man’s land) and the colour gives it a very grown up but feminine edge. Can I have a pair or two, or even three, please? They’d look immense with a pair of black tailored trousers and a pink wrap shirt. Just saying.

What’s your favourite AW16 fashion trend?
Are you someone who jumps on the band waggon immediately or do you patiently wait it off like me?

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