5 (less talked about) reasons you need to give exercise a try!

why you need to try to exercise

And believe me, these have been all tried and tested by me, so they are FACTS. Just saying.

If you haven’t seen my fitness journey so far (click here and here to read more) – I have been exercising on a regular basis since February this year. That’s almost half a year of being active as opposed to 27 years of being a complete couch potato. Pretty good, ay? I do yoga every single morning and cannot recommend it enough! I also alternate between Kayla Itsines’ BBG and my local gym. And I’m surprisingly enjoying it very very much; maybe exercise is like Brussels sprouts – when you’re young you absolutely despise them but eventually you grow up into loving them, ha!

1. The wardrobe benefits
This should definitely be more talked about – would have started exercising years ago if I realized this, bah! Going to the gym (or exercising in general) means you get to buy a whole new wardrobe of colourful leggings, sweat-proof tops and Calvin Klein underwear sets. You will be one of those #mycalvins who actually uses them to their full potential rather than just poses in them for your insta pics. SCORE. 

2. Sweaty people have no friends
said no one ever. You know why? Because gyms and exercise classes are the perfect place to make new friends! You are wearing zero make-up, are drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing through dribble (yeah, that actually does happen) – there’s no better place to make a real friend than when you’re at your realest.

3. The blackhead remover
Now, I see that you might struggle to believe this one but it totally works, trust me! Sweat is basically a natural blackhead remover. The more I sweat and the more often I sweat, the clearer my skin is. BOOM! Do avoid touching your face when you’re in the gym though because all the bacteria that’s sticking to your hands from all the machines you’ve touched will break you out like there’s no tomorrow! Been there, done that. Didn’t appreciate it.     

4. Inspire me!
People who teach others how to exercise and how to change their lifestyle are so inspirational! Rachel Brathen is a massive inspiration to me (see her instagram here), both in yoga and in changing people’s lives. You don’t have to go to Aruba (or Instagram for that matter) though, you can find your inspiration on your doorstep. The guys from Right Path Fitness (a team of personal training specialists based in London) are basically celebrities. One of the trainers – Keith (who can be your trainer if you’re based in London) is an Olympic style wrestler (who has won both British and English Champion titles), and his colleague Tomas has won 7 individual and 2 team national championships. I mean, how bloody cool’s that, right? Just go; go and find your perfect inspiration, they are literally waiting for you!

5. Become a hero
This is probably stretching it a little too far but becoming really good at certain exercise or sport can bring you to a position of becoming an inspiration to someone else, which is a damn beautiful feeling for both you and the one (or many) you’re inspiring. Amongst many, this is also a reason why I’ve started incorporating fitness and well-being into Cityscape Bliss – if I can do it, then anyone can. And even if just one person picks up some good lifestyle habits from me, then my mission’s been accomplished.

Do you exercise?
If yes then tell me why in the comments below please!
If no – then tell me why in the comments below, ha!

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/06/5-less-talked-about-reasons-you-need-to.html


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