My favourite brown lipsticks

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I have been obsessing over brown toned lipsticks since the 90s trend cropped up again not so long ago. I reckon this brown make-up adornment is actually deeply rooted in my childhood. I can vividly remember my Mum wearing long fake nails with a chocolate brown nail polish and having at least 5 different shades of brown lipstick in her make-up bag (and that was a lot for your average not particularly make-up obsessed 90s lady!). Today I’m perhaps a little more make-up savvy than my Mum was around the year 94 – and I have so many brands and shades to choose from! Here are my current favourite brown lipsticks – but you know, my world ain’t limited just to these, I’m also partial to a few NYX Lingerie and lip cream splurges just about every other day. Just saying.    

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Bobbi (£20, John Lewis – click here)
Bobbi is such a flattering shade and it’s incredibly moisturising on my lips. Obviously with this also comes compromised longevity but who cares – it’s a summer lip colour that everyone and their cat should own! FACT.

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige (£20, John Lewis – click here)
In the photo Beige looks very, well, beige. In real life it’s much brown brown than this – which is what I love about it. It goes on really creamy which is half of the win – the consistency together with the shade create the perfect non offensive brown lipstick. Kinda nude, kinda brown, but very sophisticated and polished.

Illamasqua Glamore lipstick in Buff (£19.50, HQ Hair – click here)
The most recent addition to my lipstick collection (that leads me to an idea – would you like to see my actual lipstick collection? I’m a bloody lip colour hoarder so there’s definitely a depth (of a drawer) we could explore!) – Buff is such a beautiful colour! Terri (click here to see her blog) was wearing it one of her new YouTube videos and I was immediately drawn to it. It’s one of those Kylie Jenner creamy but kinda corpse looking shades. Very 90s indeed!

MAC lipstick in Stone (£14, John Lewis – click here)
Finally, a treat I got from the girls at work for my birthday – after I tried it at the MAC counter and even the girl at the till asked me what lipstick I was wearing. You know that was the ultimate sell! It’s such a dark dark DARK brown colour with an ashy undertone. When applied with a heavy hand it almost looks like the shade of tree bark. Instead of heaving barky lips, I tend to dab it on lightly for an ombre effect. Beautiful!  

What’s your favourite brown lipstick at the moment?
Or are brown lipsticks out now? Oh no – I don’t even wanna know if they are!!

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