Where do you come from?

Genealogy online course review

I’m a strong believer in the importance of knowing where you come from. It has probably something to do with me living outside of my home country, or perhaps it’s just the way I’ve been brought up. Although I’ve never had a strong family tie to the people who are here now and alive, I’ve always been lead to appreciate the past – be it the memorabilia left behind by my ancestors, the stories we inherited from them or simply the appreciation to what they’ve achieved when they were walking this earth.

Genealogy (the study of families or their lineage) is something I’ve always been deeply interested in. Perhaps a little too much – sometimes I get carried away and research my ancestors for hours and hours and hours without realizing the dusk had turned into a pitch black night. I can vividly remember the very first time I created a family tree – it gave me such a sense of achievement – but also a sense of belonging and awareness. Some people might not appreciate the significance I see in genealogy but those who do I’m sure they can relate to the following lines very much.

Although I’ve been delving into the world of old school birth certificates and archive records for a few years now, it does get a little (read a lot) confusing sometimes (read always). This is usually enough for me to become discouraged and even stop the search for a couple of months at the time. And that’s exactly the reason why I’ve chosen to sign up to an online Genealogy course. I’m big on online courses in general – studying (as much as researching) has always been my thing and personal development is something I will never give up. In the past I completed a course on Online Marketing, which was absolutely ace and helped me tons with my blog, and at the moment I’m half way through a Sociology course which I’m enjoying so much (although it’s a tremendous amount of information to take in!). There are some online course providers that are a bit pants (I did an app development course once which was a load of bull to be honest) so it’s super important to do your research. Read reviews, personal experiences, ratings. Now, I’ve signed up via NCC Home Learning Online (who have kindly provided me with an opportunity to do so, thank you!) and my expectations are pretty high to be honest! According to the syllabus I will learn how to read the Census, workhouse records, birth certificates.. one of the key chapters I’m excited about is how to explore additional sources such as newspapers and wills, and also how to build a family tree effectively (which you can add information into as you go along without messing up the aesthetics!).

If you’re interested in checking the course out – click HERE – otherwise keep your eyes peeled for a full review once I’ve finished the course. Hopefully it won’t take too long and meanwhile you can follow my journey on the good ol’ Instagram – follow me on @cityscapebliss.

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors were from and what they did for living?
And what’s your opinion on online courses?

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/06/genealogy-course-online-review.html


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