At Bar + Block for an 8oz sirloin steak

Bar + Block Birmingham

Last weekend the ever so famous Terri Lowe from Hello, Terri Lowe (click here to see her blog) paid a visit to Birmingham (and Bloxwich too, just sayin’). We had a fun day out doing a lot of window shopping, some shopping and a surprising amount of eating – starting with wrapchos (don’t even ask) and bubble tea and finishing with an 8oz sirloin steak with a bottle of Prosecco. Because life’s too short to not eat cow behinds and popcorn drenched in fat, okay?

The Beefeater Bar + Block (click here) is a fancy new steak establishment in the very heart of Birmingham’s city centre – right off Victoria Square and about 5 minutes walk from New Street station. This high end eatery makes you feel ever so cosy – the interior is a mix of wood and exposed brick with a pinch of hipster vibe. The menu comes with a comprehensive steak guide (for those like me who can’t tell cow’s leg from pig’s butt) and some very knowledgeable staff to save the day when the steak guide fails to aid the steak decision making process.

What did we have? We started with some strawberry chicken wings (yah, get that – strawberry wings – and confusingly enough they did taste like strawberries, whaaa?!), some beef popcorn (an actual popcorn with beef spice on it, mmm!), an 8oz sirloin steak with a peppercorn sauce and beef dripping chips and a lemon sorbet on top. And of course some drinks to wash it all down. It was delicious and we could have spent hours there for all the coziness and warmth and strawberry chicken wings (can you tell they were my favourite?).

What’s your favourite place to eat in Birmingham? 

Bar + Block Birmingham

Bar + Block Birmingham

Bar + Block Birmingham

Bar + Block Birmingham

Bar + Block Birmingham

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