Say it with a cushion

Aliexpress cushions

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a unique cushion cover these days… bloody hard! If you don’t want a cushion with a sea shell, a flower or a fox then you’re basically chaperoned off your usual home decor website, or even a shop. Why oh why. I like my cushions to have some character to them – a cushion with a strong personality is worth a thousand words, isn’t that what they say? Naaah, but a good calligraphic cushion is a damn good statement for your sofa.

When I can’t find what I want (or what I want seems to be extortionately overpriced, ehm), I go to the haven of all things.. – everything. There’s nothing they don’t sell on Aliexpress. FACT. Here’s a selection of the prettiest cushions I could find (and each cushion costs less than a fiver!), as a follow up to the two previous cushion posts (here & here). Enjoy!    

Though she be but little she is fierce (black) (buy here)
Something worth fighting for (buy here)
C’est la vie (buy here)
In order o be irreplaceable one must always be different (buy here)
Good vibes (buy here)
Hello beautiful (buy here)
Que sera, sera (gold) (buy here)
The Earth laughs in flowers (buy here)
Life’s a garden – dig it. (buy here)
Though she be but little she is fierce (white) (buy here)
Que sera, sera (black pattern) (buy here)
Treat yo self (buy here)
Eat well, travel often (buy here)
Love (buy here)
Killin’ it (buy here)
Thug life (buy here)
Hustle (buy here)
You could rattle the stars she said (buy here)

Which one’s your favourite?

from Cityscape Bliss


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