Don’t drink me!

Bubble T bath products review

I remember being obsessed with bubble tea since day one of discovering it. It’s such a funny drink, isn’t it? It’s a tea but not really, it has bubbles but not really. By the way, can I just mention (and I ain’t paid for saying this, yer) the best bubbly tea is from Bubbleology. The. Best. Ever. In fact I pretty much despise all the other bubble teas – yes, I’m a bubble tea snob like that! But this Bubble T (notice the trademark capitals there, see I don’t wanna get in trouble for stuff like that) ain’t nothing like the one you’d get at a stall. It’s a bath Bubble T! Imagine Lush & a bubble tea shop having a baby – this would be it.

So far I’ve tried the Bubble T Bath & Body Pearl Drop in Moroccan Mint Tea (£4.95, HQ Hair) and the Bubble T Bath & Body T-Bags (£5.99, Superdrug). Tea in general is beneficial for your skin’s well-being – it can speed up your bloods circulation, calm your flaky nerves and aid your sleep so there are definite benefits in using these bubbles in your bath. That is of course apart from the very obvious – they are pretty damn quirky and they smell like holiday, love and everything beautiful including unicorns floating on mint clouds. Especially the pearl drop does have a kick to it! Now the slight disappointment is that once they’re afloat in your bathtub, they somewhat lose the strong scent and become a little weak in their performance. The quirkiness does make up for this though, at least in my books!

What’s your favourite bath product at the moment?

from Cityscape Bliss


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