BEAUTY | The best fake nails for £1!

Primark nails review

Despite having sworn on all the cat tails I could find that this will never be the case, with regret (and a little too much excitement!) I have to admit I’ve gone back to fake nails. Don’t judge me, okay? My nails are pants – they are thin, they break, they split, and even at the best of the times (and we’ve had some decent times, that’s true) they are still a bit meh. So to give myself a little confidence boost I decided to pick up a few packs of fake nails from Primarniand oh boy! 

These gems are da bomb! They only cost a quid and come in all sorts of beautiful designs and patterns and I love them all. I’m literally obsessed (which is kinda a bold statement when it comes to what really are just tiny pieces of plastic which you glue to your fingers). One thing that I’m not keen on about these is the glue – that’s shite (that’s as polite as I can be to such a bad baaaad glue!), so make sure you pick up the Nailene one – that’s the good stuff (and only costs £2). The stunning designs hands down beat the inadequacy in the glue department though. Just look how beautiful the marble ones are! I have picked up a couple more since getting these – there’s loads of plain colours to choose from (both glossy & matte), some funky stripy ones but also more fancy golden ones with intricate designs.

I’m genuinely so pleased I’ve found these, they’re so cheap & so cheerful!
What’s the most exciting bargain you’ve come across lately?

from Cityscape Bliss


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