FOOD | Date smoothie – a 5 ingredient recipe

Date smoothie simple recipe

Hello, how are you on this rainy gloomy Bank Holiday Monday? A bit under the weather? There’s no easier cure than this super sweet delicious date smoothie. And you only need 5 ingredients which you probably already have in your pantry (or a kitchen drawer – you know the one where you can find spices – and also half empty spice jars, toothpicks – spilled everywhere, and dried dates – because dried food is the ultimate emergency food when your fridge is completely empty). So stop uuuuum-ing and aaaaaah-ing over the dreary weather, get your smoothie maker out and… enjoy the sweetest smoothie you’ve ever tasted!

What will you need?
✓ a glass of milk (the fancier of us can use soya/rice milk) 
 6 dried dates (can be fresh if you have those)
 1 banana (make it two if you like your smoothies as thick as buttermilk)
 coconut sugar (products from the sap of cut flower buds of coconut palms – who knew?!)
 cocoa powder (I like using the good ‘ol Czech Granko but any cocoa powder will do)  

Mix all the ingredients in a blender or a smoothie maker, pour into a Kilner jar (for the extra touch of Pinterestesqness and insert an extra thick jumbo straw (you can get those here) because no smoothie is finished without one! Bon appétit mon chéri!

What’s your favourite smoothie?
Leave your recipes in the comments to inspire me & others!

Date smoothie simple recipe

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