BEAUTY | Clay face masks I love

Best clay face masks review

Clay masks are the best masks. FACT. When I was younger I used to be obsessed with peel off masks – especially those really sticky ones from Avon that you can peel off like a cobweb. I remember it being oh so satisfying – Elmer’s glue kind of satisfying, ya know. But then I realized that these masks do pretty much nothing to my skin. They are fun but hey, I can watch Netflix or rub Cookie’s belleh if I want some fun! The point of masks is to pamper, to deep cleanse, to soothe.

Dead Sea Spa Magic Mud Mask (£7.99, Holland & Barrett): This is definitely an ‘in the shower only’ mask. It’s completely black, slimy, messy and stinks like a volcanic fart. But it also makes you feel like you’re in a really swanky spa with thermal springs and sulfur streams (they kind of smell like toots, don’t they?). This masks gives you that feeling of squeaky clean skin without it feeling too dry or tight.   
Cucumber 3-Minute Clay Mask (£1.50, Boots): You can always find the best gems in the essentials range in Boots. Just look at this little treasure – this 3-minute cucumber mask is all you want and need from a clay mask. It’s very clay-y (white and chalky like kaolin), it dries really hard and kinda crusty and once washed off it makes you feel so fresh! I just wish it smelled a little more like cucumber! But for the money I can’t complain, it’s definitely a one to try if you’re a clay mask fiend like me.
Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque (£21.50, Kiehl’s): Okay, I just said that a mask which is £20 cheaper is a true gem. But! Hear me out. If you want your skin to feel baby smooth and soft, then this Kiehl’s beauty is one for ya. It smells real fancy (like clay mixed with a load of herbs) and the pot makes the application a little more pampering than squeezing the mask out of a tube. In contrast to the other two masks, this mask actually draws out the impurities from your pores – and you can see it. Once completely dried, you can see your pores (and the oils from them) soaking through the crusty mask and creating little greasy dots all over your face – kinda like weird freckles on your new clay skin! Once washed off your skin will feel so ridiculously soft you won’t be able to stop stroking it! I have also been using this on my neck and my decolletage (I sound so French and sophisticated, ha!). which really helps with those funny neck creases you can sometimes get from sleeping all curled up in an odd fetus position (that doesn’t happen to you? oh, well, that’s just me then).

What’s your favourite clay mask?

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