PROJECT GARDEN | The vision & before


A year ago I decided that enough’s enough and that I don’t want to live in a studio flat with no windows anymore. I needed (semi)fresh air, grass under my feet and an allotment to grow my carrots in. A year ago I moved into a small rented semi-detached house in the South Staffordshire. This little house also has a garden – and I want this garden to be summer-ready this year! Let the project garden begin! 

I grew up in the countryside and always have been surrounded by greenery – having my own green patch fills me with so much joy! Last summer I did a few bits and bobs, cut the grass, planted some flower, toyed with the allotment, painted the outside of the old shed and also (half of) the fence (it takes bloody ages!). This year’s the year of the Project Garden – and I want to take you with me!

I have taken some before pictures – it’s terribly messy after winter, and I’m not even sorry – when you live on your own your priorities are not necessarily some spare plant pots flying about on your patio, ya get me? This is my vision:

 The fence needs painting. Well, finishing if I’m to be technical about it. Can the sun come out now please? 
 There are some old wooden shelves on the patio which need to some serious thought put into them – maybe a lick of paint and some nails?
 I want flowers pots everywhere – and hanging planters!
 A nice bistro table with two chairs would make summer evenings rather lovely, wouldn’t it?
 The shed is a whole project in itself – but let’s make it a part of the garden transformation. It needs some paint and some plant pots, and I’m sure it will look just like one of those Pinteresty she-sheds, ha!
 Definitely need more flowers in the flower beds – my mum & dad gave me some seeds from their garden so I can go wild this year!
Allotment restart is in order – some more compost and a selection of peas & radishes, yes
✓ And the arches need some fast growing vines until the climbing roses pick up. Maybe sweet peas or beans? 

I have taken a lot of inspiration from the Homebase website – click HERE – they give you some great tips on how to clean the patio slabs (on it like gromit) and are also tempting me by their furniture range. I think my first steps to get the above list ticked off will be getting some fresh (oh the irony!) compost and sowing in the seeds. Since my usual compost provider failed me (won’t point my finger but you may have seen my rant on the Twittersphere, oops!), I have ordered some from Homebase and will have it delivered on the weekend, hurray!
I cannot wait to officially start the ground work on the Project Garden! 
Do you enjoy gardening? Oh, well that’s just me then…



from Cityscape Bliss


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