FASHION | The perfect spring dress

Spring dress from Primark & the perfect nude heels

Last weekend was so sunny, but looking out of the window now I just want to turn up the heating a notch and pour myself a big cuppa of hot chocolate. Waaah! If the weather wasn’t so pants I’d be wearing my new favourite spring dress again. Because it’s just so pretty! If you’re on a quest for the perfect Parisian-esque dress for the warmer weather then search no more, here’s the answer to your callings.

Seriously though, how pretty is this dress? It clings to all the right places and is loose where it needs to be loose for it look oh so flattering. It makes me feel like I should be skipping around the Eiffel Tower and sipping on a cuppa in a teensy patisserie somewhere at Montmartre. Please, do take a very deep breathe before I tell ya how much this little gem cost. Are you ready? £13. Yes. Thirteen pounds. What a bargain! Now, can I have it in every single colour imaginable please? Ta!

I’ve been looking for a pair of pointy nude heels for what seems like an eternity. They are either too high or too round or the wrong shade of nude (yes that is a thing – not every nude is a good nude, trust me). And who would have thought that the best nude heels will be hiding in the wedding shoes section?! Thanks Clarks for sending me these, they’re all I’ve ever wished for! Absolutely perfect – and they are oh so comfortable. Can’t wait to wear these for work when it gets warmer outside.

 dress // Primark
nude heels // Clarks c/o
handbag // Zara
jewellery // vintage (my favourite seller – here

Now I’m gonna skip off to dream about Paris and that cutesy cuppa at Montmartre, I’d like that right now. What are you day dreaming about right now?

Spring dress from Primark & the perfect nude heels

Spring dress from Primark & the perfect nude heels


Spring dress from Primark & the perfect nude heels

from Cityscape Bliss


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