LIFESTYLE | 15 ways to earn extra cash

15 ways to earn extra cash
Madonna once sang (and probably did a dance as well): ‘We are living in a material world and I am a material girl’. Like Madonna, I too am a material girl. And whether you care to admit it or not, I’m sure that you are too. We all have our day jobs which gives us a decent amount of income which take us from one day to another but extra cash (what experts and journalists call the ’disposable income’) is hard to come by. Here’s a couple of tips on how to put some extra pennies in your piggy bank. Some are easier, some take more effort, some can be done today, some will see you through another decade. None of them will guarantee you Madonna’s balance but some of them may help you balance the books (geddit?).

Why not – 
✓ declutter the loft: because your grandad’s vintage camera could be worth a few bob    
✓ share your savasana: because yoga has outlasted all the other fitness fads 
✓ pet-sit your neighbour’s dog: because British are the nation of pet lovers, and they also love a good holiday… that’s where you come in! 
✓ get your fingers green: because your neighbour’s weeds will never stop growing
✓ bet on your favourite number: because you can have your feet up whilst playing online casino – and according to a study at Cambridge University online bingo is the best online game to play for your chance to become a millionaire, wooo!
✓ bake a cake: because everyone loves Mary Berry 
✓ babysit: because your mates deserve a night and you deserve the extra cash 
✓ rent out your garage: because you can’t afford a car anyways
✓ get a part time job in your local pub: because you need to stop spending money there and start earning it instead 
✓ start a blog: because pro-bloggers get paid £1,000s a day (true story!) 
✓ set up a car boot: because it’s a tried and tested way
✓ open an e-shop: because literally anyone can do that nowadays   
✓ become a freelance copywriter: because writing has always been your hobby
✓ invest: because the right investment (into property perhaps?) will yield a large return – eventually 
✓ paint your friend’s nails: because people pay bucks for beauty

How do YOU earn extra cash?

Share your tips in the comments below!

from Cityscape Bliss


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