BEAUTY | NYX matte lip cream haul

NYX matte lip cream review

Not that long ago I’ve started collecting NYX matte lip creams. In the space of a few work lunch breaks and trips to Selfridges the collection has become substantial enough to make it into a haul post. And I’m not ashamed. Not even because two of the shades I’ve picked up are virtually the same. No. Shame. At. All. Just pure joy – because these lip creams are just beautiful!

I have picked up the following colours:
Istanbul: a beautiful pale pink which on lips translate a notch darker 
Buenos Aires: the perfect spring peach with a hint of coral, goes on very bright and chalky  
London: a true brown nude
Abu Dhabi: a shade darker than London, very Kylie Jenner 
✓ and Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel: this one is obviously a gloss and not a matte lip cream, in shade it’s very similar to Buenos Aires, these two actually look beautiful layered 

These lip creams go on so smoothly and buttery that you have to fight the temptation not to reapply every two minutes. It feels like velvet on the lips! Once the lip cream’s dried, it becomes completely matter but does not fade in patches and doesn’t flakes off, it fades quite naturally, the same way a lipstick would. Hands down, the best lip creams that have touched my lips since the lip creams came to this world a couple of years back. Now, can I have all the shades please?  

I have also picked up the Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel which, I shall admit, even if it was the crappiest gloss in the world, I will devote my heart to it just for the sweet name. Mmmm. And it’s not crap, by the way – it’s just as lovely as the name suggests!

Have you tried any other NYX products?
Leave your recommendations below please!

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