LIFESTYLE | Mother’s Day: 5 unique gift ideas

 Mother's Day: 5 unique gift ideas

Just like I’m not too fond of overly expensive presents for Valentine’s Day, I don’t think that your expression of love for your mother should be measured in breathtakingly expensive perfume and diamond encrusted Swarovski pens. This year I challenge you to get your mum something special for this year’s Mother’s Day – something that both of you can enjoy together, because after all, that’s what she probably wishes for the most!

Le Chefs: Has your mum always tried to teach you her favourite recipes but you’ve never had the patience or the interest to learn it? Book your mum & yourself for an evening class in your local cookery school. Or if you’re on a budget then try following a cookery class online, my favourite is Jamie’s FoodTube.  
 The floral daze: Is your mum an enthusiastic gardener? Try asking at your local florist’s whether they offer evening classes of floristry. I’d love to take part one day! And of course don’t forget a beautiful bunch of flowers! These tulips are from my beloved Blossoming Gifts. You can get cheap Mother’s Day flowers on their website plus also 33% off – use BGIFTS33 (selected lines only). There are so many affordable day/weekend out trip offers that you can take advantage of! Hope on the train from London to Paris for something silly like £30 (that’s less than the cost of a dress from Oasis, just saying) and make this year’s Mother’s Day a little bit more special for your mum (and you)!  

Mum-asana: Yoga is a beautiful art of exercise even for those who absolutely hate exercising and sports (like me). Has your mum ever spoken about picking up yoga? You can get hair the ever so popular Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen (click here) and a week’s pass to your local yoga studio.       

Bob-Rossin’ it: For all the arty mums out there – the Bob Ross master paint set (click here) is da bomb. It’s stupidly expensive but it’s legendary!    

What will you be getting for your mum this year?

 Mother's Day: 5 unique gift ideas

 Mother's Day: 5 unique gift ideas

 Mother's Day: 5 unique gift ideas

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