FASHION | White Converse & a suede dress from Zara

White leather converse and suede dress from Zara

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you’re having a good ‘un! Before I jump into what I was wearing on the weekend, can we just take a moment and appreciate my excellent fake tanning skills? And even more so, the ridiculously good fake tan that Madame LA LA is? It will be launching in Superdrug soon and trust me, I ain’t one for fake tanning but this, this is a whole new level. And it smells like coconut and lilies, true story. I will do a whole post on it, but I’m so blown away by it I just had to tell ya. Okay, now I’ve calmed down, let me talk you through this part of my wardrobe where suede meets leather to create the epitome of a weekend comfort

There are three key parts to the ultimate comfort outfit, right? A breezy dress, an oversized cardigan and a pair of trainers. The breezy dress here is also ultra soft – it’s from Zara and it was on sale for £9 (unbelievable!). And suede dresses is so Kylie Jenner! This oversized cardigan is a gem which I found in a shop called Lindex when Shaun and I went for a city break to Prague last year (haven’t seen one in the UK but there’s loads of them in the Czech Republic). It’s the coziest piece of clothing I own, hands down. Now the trainers are the revolutionary piece here, really. You know why? Because this is a pair of Converse which you can wear even in the rain. Because they’re made of leather. BAM. And they don’t even get dirty, they just stay as white as snow all year round! Wooheey!            

suede dress // Zara (sale, similar here)
white leather trainers // Converse All Star OX (via Cloggs c/o)
longline cardigan // Lindex (sold out)
bucket bag // Aliexpress

White leather converse and suede dress from Zara

White leather converse and suede dress from Zara

from Cityscape Bliss


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