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Watercolour fauna

Everything watercoloured is currently da thing in home decor. If you fancy adding a touch of watercolour into your home there ain’t nothing easier than getting yourself a couple of tubs of watercolours, some brushes, a palette, a piece of soft cloth… nah, just kidding ya. The easiest thing is going on Aliexpress (or E-bay – if you prefer to do some exploring on your own) and ordering a couple of these beautiful watercolour cushions with animal motives. Ain’t they just aaaah?! 

Click above on the motif you like – it will take you to the link on Aliexpress. By the way each of these costs about £8-10 (depending on size) and come without the stuffing so make sure you have some on hand (they are super cheap in Primark or IKEA – £1-2)!

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/01/home-fauna-in-watercolour.html


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