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Uncommon goods vintage home decor wishlist

There’s many names I could happily go with. I’m a lover of everything green and growing, I’m an explorer of things old and forgotten, I’m a self-confessed cat momma. But when it comes to home and interior decor, above everything I’m an antique obsessive. Flea markets, car boot sales, the antiques category of E-bay, even Depop sometimes. I’m on it like Gromit. Despite my old-crap-hoarding-disorder, I am quite aware that I can’t live surrounded solely by items which predate my birth. That’s why, sometimes, you find me browsing IKEA for vintage-esque items.. or you know, maybe other shops too. For example the Uncommon Goods shop. It’s like browsing a flea market but nothing thinks of mould and death. Hurray

This shop is pretty much magical. They sell everything from weird prints (because prints shouldn’t be just ‘Today is a great day’ in a fancy handwriting, okay?!; click here) and cartographic pillows & throws (no you’ll never get lost on your dreamy travels – geddit?click here) to the swankies personalised gifts (because there’s nothing better than a cushion which has a secret formula of numbers on it that only you – and maybe your other half – can decipher; click here). FACT. By the way – you can have a sneaky peek behind the curtains of this shop’s studio (bloody cool right?) – click here and lead the way.

What’s your most recently discovered shop you love?
Share it with me in the comments below!

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2016/01/home-when-you-are-antique-lover.html


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