BEAUTY | How to make a girl feel like a million dollars

Happy Sunday over there – wherever you are! There’s a million & one way to make a girl feel like a million dollars but because Christmas is just around the corner I though I’d give you (guys!) a few tips on the more materialistic side of things. 

 Lip products: Everyone (not just us girls) want to have soft lips all the time. Although it sounds super easy and all you should theoretically need is a pot of Carmex, it just doesn’t always work like that. In fact it never works like that for me. Half of the lip balms I’ve tried simply don’t work – yup, that’s true. And the ones that work either taste funny (like Carmex – I can’t have this bloody thing on my lips 24/7 no matter how well it works!) or on the more expensive side. For instance – Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream (click here) is beautiful! On top of a lovely lip care product a girl always loves a nice lipstick! Chanel is probably the fanciest you can get in the lipstick world and after all, they are not that expensive considering how great that make one feel!   
Scent: A perfume is always, but always a good gift. My recent favourite is this Stella gift set from The Perfume Shop (click here), I’ve always loved Stella and you can say it’s my signature scent – I’ve been through at least 4 bottles by now! It’s so beautiful and luxurious!    
 Nail polish: Christmas brings the most breath-taking nail polish collections. FACT. I always adore Dior and Essie in the world of nail polishes but this year the winner is definitely Deborah Lippmann with her Roar collection (read more here).
 Skincare: And don’t forget high-end skincare – that’s always a winner! For instance this Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse (click here). The scent of this is pure heaven and it works a treat – and it won’t break the bank either, so it’s a tripple win!

What makes you feel a million dollars?

from Cityscape Bliss


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