LIFESTYLE | His & Hers edit: Top 10 favourite films

As the cold winter months draw in, we thought it would be useful to give you some film night inspiration. Because what’s better than a pizza & movie night in when there’s a 80mph gale & snow storm outside?!

My top 10 favourite films:
(click on the film name – this will redirect you to YouTube to watch a trailer!)
Moulin Rouge: ‘Because the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return’ and because Ewan McGregor is a darling. 
When Harry Met Sally: Not just because of the Meg Ryan in the restaurant scene, I promise
Man Up: One of the more recent films – because if you are not in love with Simon Pegg yet, you will be. 
Donnie Darko: Because it fucks you up. 
Amelie: For those days when you’re feeling independently French. 
Now is Good: Because a good exhausting cry is sometimes exactly what you need. 
Inglorious Bastards: For when you want to get a little more serious. 
Love & Death: Because Woody Allen. 
Hole: For when you want to poo your pants. 
Corpse Bride: Because Tim Burton can’t do no wrong. 

Shaun’s top 10 favourite films:
Forrest Gump: Because it’s the only film that you can watch whatever mood you’re in. 
Rocky: The paramount motivation film. 
Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back: Because it’s Star Wars
Braveheart: Because Braveheart set the standard for all epic historical films since. 
American History X: Not the lightest of viewing but a must watch as it will divide opinion like no other film. 
Goodfellas: It’s the gangster film for people who don’t do gangster films. 
Along Came Polly: The comfort film that you can watch again and again and still gives you the warm and fuzzies. 
Gladiator:  A stellar cast who each make their case for career best performances. 
Man on Fire: Denzel Washington has never been in a bad film and this is his best. 
✓ Labyrinth: The ultimate mixture of goblins, fantasy and David Bowie’s tight trousers. 

What’s your favourite film?

If you’re still struggling to pick the perfect movie for a night in maybe you will find inspiration from the BFI LOVE season – rather than rushing to your local HMV to buy a DVD you can watch them online on the BFI player! You’re welcome
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