FASHION | The real Bohemian

We’ve seen the Bohemian trend go from summer to autumn. From autumn to winter. And from fashion to home decor. It’s all cool & dandy that we have decided to wear floral and faux suede every other day, that we have a fiddle leaf fig and a bison skull in every other room but have you ever stopped to think about where all this inspiration comes from? And maybe that there might be something bigger and better at its source

If you’re as massive fan of everything Bohemian (and an ethical shopper!) then I definitely recommend you check out the Flora Garments websiteFlora Garments launched in April 2015 and it’s main focus is selling unique and culturally significant clothing and accessories from around the world. On the website you can actually search for products via a map of the world – this is because the idea behind this store is that you follow stories of different people from different countries and cultures rather than visit just one store with static offer. All pieces are ethically sourced and handmade in the countries of their origin. Everything is made with the country’s culture and traditions in mind, keeping patters and colours as original as possible and supporting small businesses (sometimes as small as families) from around the world.   

What’s your part? To be able to source more products from more independent sellers from across the globe, Flora Garments is looking for your help. Your funds will go into new products, therefore aiding local artisans to maintain their crafts and traditions, and new, culturally aware designers, embrace their future. They are currently looking to venture into Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Peru, Mongolia and Ukraine. 

Thank you! I think this is such a wonderful project and should be supported in any way possible!

from Cityscape Bliss


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