LIFESTYLE | How to keep holiday memories without becoming a hoarder

I know, I know – just 2 years ago I was preaching the art of scrap-booking and how everyone needs to have a travel scrap-book to keep all their memories in one place. And I honestly did love scrap-booking. Check my old scrapbooks here. But the truth is we live & learn. Scrapbooks become somewhat painful after you break up with the person that’s with you in the photos and then you have to burn them in a metal bucket (the scrapbooks, not the person) and then there’s loads of ashes and dust and mess and the time you spent scrap-booking becomes a self-torturous time wasted. I say sod scrapbooks (unless you’re doing them for kids, kids can’t cheat on you or dump you over a pizza or go off with another bloke) and let’s come up with something more affordable, less time consuming, more practical and in fact, much prettier.

Yes, oh yes – I am talking the old school photo albums with a twist. It’s really the pictures that count, isn’t it! Although sometimes I do like to hold on to used railway tickets and admin fee slips to German museums, it’s not what really counts. What you really need to do is cherish your memories. Not little pieces of paper. And photos are here to help us to bring the memories back in our little chicken brains. Instead of setting out on a quest for some out of this world beautiful photo album (which I would probably never find, because of my unreasonably high photo album standards) I opted for the Cheerz Box. Cheerz Boxes are these mega cute boxes which you can order on the internets. All you need to do is upload your photos to the website, re-size if necessary and BAM! In a couple of days you get your memories in a little boxes Polaroid-style! The one in the pictures above is from our Prague holiday but I will also be getting one with photos from our Santorini trip! I’m planning on sticking some Dymo labels on the spines of these boxes for easier organisation. Then I will be stacking and stacking and stacking them up in small neat stacks!

I also ordered a couple of photo bookmarks because they are just so affordable and I read loads of books so this seemed like a no-brainer.You can see some more of these bookmarks here (they might even have pictures of Cookie on ‘em – just saying).

It’s super simple to place the order – click here – and don’t forget to use code TERJQ1 to get £4 off!

How do YOU store your memories?

from Cityscape Bliss


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