BEAUTY | Top 5 berry nail polishes for autumn

Yes, yes, yes – I am fully aware that Vogue says that this season’s nails are meant to be all plain and nude and milky and whatnot but hey, it’s autumn and I want my berries and wine pronto! And because I’m not a particularly strong wine drinker (well, I am until the second glass comes to play), I’ve selected my grapes in the form of 5 beautiful berry nail polishes.

Essie Wicked (£7.99, Boots): The wine of wine nail polishes, the queen of the damned. That’s Essie Wicked, ladies & gentlemen. It’s a ridiculously stunning colour which in certain light almost translates as black. It’s also pretty hot. Just saying.  
Nars Sharplines (£4.99, TKMaxx): One of the closest shades to Essie Wicked I own – yet it’s still a touch lighter once applied. I’m not a massive fan of Nars nail polishes but for such as pretty colour I’ll grin & bear it – and utterly enjoy the winery of this shade. 
Nails Inc Kensington High Street (£12, Debenhams): I remember the blogging uproar when this nail polish came out – literally every single blogger and their cat owned a bottle of this (I believe that Hey Claire is to blame?)! It’s a gorgeous shade that is more on the red side of the spectrum than the previous two.   
Burberry Oxblood (£15, John Lewis): Again – a step lighter from Kensington High Street, Oxblood is somewhat more red and more vibrant. The packaging is really what makes it for me though! 
Lottie London Revamp (£5.99, Superdrug): An incredibly glossy nail polish – it almost looks like gel but it’s not. So confusing – in a brilliant way! You can read a full review of a handful of Lottie nail polishes here

What’s your favourite berry nail polish?

from Cityscape Bliss


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