BEAUTY | Gems from Neal’s Yard

So we all know that Neal’s Yard is a beauty of a store. To refresh your memory I urge you to click here. For obvious reasons I have already spent more time in their Grand Central branch than the recommended monthly dose is which has resulted in some life-changing purchases. Well, maybe not life-changing, I shall hold my horses there – but definitely relaxing & calming. And I have no regrets

I have been on hunt for a natural deodorant for ages. I’ve been eyeing them in Holland & Barrett’s but none of them really captured my attention (and my bank card) fully. When I noticed this gorgeous blue glass bottle in Neal’s Yard, the deal was done. It smells heavenly – really refreshingly – and enjoy using it around the house when I know I won’t be going further than my local grocery shop. It’s way safer using natural deodorants at least every now and then rather than aluminium and zinc loaded antiperspirants. Oh, have I mentioned it smells like summer & lemon cheesecake?    

Over the past 3 or 4 years I have used a lot of facial mists. I have tried the Balance Me one, the one from Make-Up Revolution, the one from Boots Botanics range, I spritzed Caudalie on my face, the one from & Other Stories too. You name it, chances are I’ve tried it. Because facial mists and spritzes are absolute genius products – they refresh, they set make-up, they help you breathe when you have a blocked nose, they help me hold in vom whilst being travel sick (true story), they cool you down on hot summer days… There’s not a single one I haven’t liked and I would happily repurchase most of them should I not be distracted by some new brand or scent. As it turns out Frankincense is my new favourite scent – of anything. It reminds me so much of Christmas but at the same time in a form of a beauty products it seems very season-neutral at the same time. I need everything Frankincense now. The Frankincense body cream is the next on my list!

I only have a sample size of this body cream – which by the way is rather generous – a whole 50g glass tub! Okay, okay, I just said I want the Frankincense body cream, that’s right. But they all smell so good! I enjoy the texture of this one – it’s a bit thicker than your usual body cream, almost buttery. And a little tip for ya – put in the fridge for a few minutes before forcing your boyfriend to give you a back rub with it. You’re welcome. 

Have you been to Neal’s Yard Remedies before?
Have you tried anything from any of their ranges?

from Cityscape Bliss


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