BEAUTY | An incredibly deep relaxation

Relaxation isn’t something I’m particularly good at. The usual me is restless and always needs to be up to something. For instance I don’t think that in the past 5 years I managed to sit through a whole movie without checking my phone at least once, going for a pee, ordering a take-away or you know, conquering Mt Everest whilst the film was still rolling. And this (read me) gets on people’s nerves.

One of the ways to calm scattered, constantly stressed mind is to surround it by a cloud of relaxing scents. My sense of smell is quite well developed so it seemed like a logical step to give this is a go on a slightly more ‘scientific’ level than just using lavender shower gels and burning candles 24/7. Yogandha is what we’re talking about there. Sinead Duffy, the founder of Yogandha, studied the art of Vipasana in India and has now been practising and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. Whilst in India she gained great knowledge of herbal oils and their effect on human body & mind – eventually this has enabled her to launch her own range of relaxing and mind-calming products – Yogandha.

Science is always number one factor to go by, however I also trust traditions. I always think – if people have been doing this or that for hundreds of years, then you know – they probably do have a very good reason to be doing so. Although I’ve never tried Yoga or meditation, I’m quite intrigued by this range of products as they rest on such a historically traditional source. The product I’ve tried is called Relax (link here). It contains a large number of herbal oils however the strongest one which you can smell straight away is lavender. Rather than using it directly on my skin I prefer using a couple drops in the bath instead of a bath oil. It makes the whole house smell so relaxing and lovely! Definitely would recommend giving it a go if you struggle with stress and bad dreams.
from Cityscape Bliss


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