LIFESTYLE | If I was a celebrity…

…then Cookie probably wouldn’t be Cookie. He would most likely be Dulce de Leche (milk cookie in Portuguese I believe) or something similarly extravagant and oh so memorable. Now babies are not my forte (I’m dead scared of those cable-biting and kitty-tail-pulling toots) but I do appreciate a good baby-name guessing game. And so does the rest of the UK it seems. With celebrities like Kim K expecting a baybah every minute now, a leading UK bingo company has released a book of the UK’s top baby names.

Whenever anyone says a ‘celebrity baby name’ all I can recall is Peach, Honey and Apple because – why the heck would ya name your kiddo an apple? I just don’t get it, there are so many beautiful names, why would you name your baby after an object? Each to their own I guess. Maybe I’m just too old fashioned, a little like the Royal family who sticks to some more traditional names like George.

So what do we think? What will the name of the most recent addition to the Kim/Kanye clan be? Maybe something more traditional and almost literary like Oliver? Or will they go in the direction (see what I did here?!) of little North and call him Easton West as the latest news (read gossip) suggest?

You can find the list of top 10 UK names here including their origin & meaning.
from Cityscape Bliss


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