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Don’t worry, no bedroom naughtiness awaits you in the following lines. It’s all about home decor and how I’ve been putting effort (and some spare monies) into cosy-ing up my bedroom. With winter coming it’s all about the bedroom – in cold months it inevitably becomes this sort of den of mine. After coming home from work I snuggle up in the blankets and watch The 4400 (you haven’t watched it yet, whuuut?!), I wrestle with Cookie there, read books… and yes, that’s right – sometimes even eat a cheeky takeaway there like a real living-alone grown-up. Let me show you some of the coolest additions to my cosy space which I’ve managed to acquire over the past few months!

Let’s see. The one stop shop for everything (literally everything from cat litter and carrots to cordless phones and cosy furry pouffes – see what I did there?) these past months has been, believe it or not, Asda. They recently launched a new A/W15 George homeware range which even comes with a lookbook (click here). I’m just a little obsessed with pretty much all the different vibes from their lookbook btu my absolute favourite must be Luna (see here) because it is so spot on with what I’m going for in my bedroom. You can see the bits & bobs from their range in the pictures below – the closest to my heart is the furry pouffe – because I already have a very similar throw and matching cushions from last year’s collection and they always come out when there’s a need for extra cosiness! I also love the constellation lamp – the warm glow it gives out transfers whole room in a minute!  

I’ve also popped into IKEA where I’ve picked up this massive Yucca plant. It’s pretty damn amazing but cat owners please beware, Yuccas are not cat-friendly therefore I suggest every now and then spray it with some lemon and pepper to deter your little munchkins!

And finally my new posters! The left one is from Paperchase and the right one is from Urban Outfitters and I absolutely love them. Although yes I do admit that the anatomy one is slightly on the creepy side. I saw whatevs tho!

Now the bedroom’s far from finished – I’m looking to proper frame the posters (or at least add wooden planks on the top & bottom), the long Kallax shelf will have little legs attached to it (some serious DIY here right) and I’m looking for a hanging planter (copper and really wide and shallow, like a plate almost). I shall keep you updated!

Have you bought anything from the Asda homeware section before?

constellation lamp // Asda
 furry pouffe // Asda
side table // Habitat
rug // IKEA 
jars // Asda 
fig tree // IKEA
plant pot // TK Maxx 

constellation tray // Asda 
bookend // TK Maxx

terrarium // TK Maxx
living stones // E-Bay

wire basket // Tiger

from Cityscape Bliss http://www.cityscape-bliss.com/2015/10/home-whats-new-in-my-bedroom.html


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