LIFESTYLE | Prague edit: What to listen to whilst travelling to Czech Republic

So there has been a little hiccup with Blogger and my scheduled Prague edits. What a bummer! This means only one thing – you can look forward to the posts this week! Whey! Here’s another one from the Czech holiday series – my top 12 songs which you need to listen to whilst travelling to Prague – or to the Czech Republic in general. 

Click on the titles to listen to them on YouTube!

Karel Kryl: Andel (this one’s with a strong political undertone against the communist regime in Czech Republic before 1989)
Chinaski: Klara (because songs which are named after girls are the catchiest)
Jarek Nohavica: Hermankove stesti (singing about ‘Chamomile Happiness’ is the ultimate heaven)
Richard Muller: Baroko (this is in fact a Slovakian singer but hey, we used to be one country right!)
Nedvedi: Stanky (I used to be obsessed with this song when I was little, would sing it over and over again until it drove my mum & dad crazy!)
Lunetic: Chtel bych te libat (You had N’Sync, we had Lunetic, ’nuff said)
Rebelove: Soundtrack (I’m not usually one for soundtracks but this one is da bomb – it even has ‘Sugartown’ on it – and yes, they sing it in Czech!)
Waldemar Matuska: Tereza (Erm, do I need to say more?)
Petr Novak: Povidej (First time I heard this song was in a movie called Pelisky, then I had it on repeat constantly for about 2 weeks) 
Vaclav Neckar: Tu kytaru jsem koupil kvuli tobe (When a boy loves a girl type of song)
Janek Ledecky: Sliby se maj plnit o Vanocich (My childhood Christmas tune)
Petr Hapka: Bude mi lehka zem (One of those ‘reciting rather than singing’ voices but this duet is absolutely brilliant)

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Czech song is – or whether you know any at all!

from Cityscape Bliss


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