FASHION | Long black cardigan & bucket bag

Long black cardigan & bucket bag

I’ve been looking for a longline cardigan for so long that I almost gave up. Seems to me that only designer brands make them at the moment. Well, I was mistaken. Do you know who makes them now too? Primarni. Yah! I can’t believe it either! They have some really lovely ones so I don’t think this one is going to be the last addition to my wardrobe, no chance. And the quality is really lovely – it’s thick, almost coat-like thick and the knit is really dense and soft. 

I’ve paired it with not very colourful but definitely comfortable and very me pieces. Let’s see what we have here. A plain white T-shirt from Zara – these are my favourite shape and material ever. I have it in white, grey and black and they sit really nicely and wash well too (which is incredibly hard to find in a plain top!). You can actually see a little bit of a Zara ensemble going on here as both the skinny jeans and flats are from Zara too. These skinny jeans are perfect, they are very similar to Topshop Leigh jeans but I find these fit just a bit better and even a notch cheaper (less than £30) than the Topshop ones. The pointy flats are off Depop for something like £19 – I was eyeing them in Zara for a while and then they just disappeared, how lucky I found them on Depop and they look completely new! Now to my fancy shmancy bucket bag – I’ve been seeing bloggers with these and somehow even now I still don’t know where they originally come from? Either way I found this one on Aliexpress for something silly like a tenner! It’s really good quality too – the straps are really strong and the stitching is well done so I won’t shy away from carrying my DSLR in it when on holiday in Prague next week. Oh have I mentioned the lining is red? Louboutin-esquely fancy, right?   

top // Zara (similar here)
skinnies // Zara (similar here)
cardigan // Primark
pointy flats // Zara (similar here)
bucket bag // Aliexpress
Long black cardigan & bucket bag

Long black cardigan & bucket bag

Long black cardigan & bucket bag

Long black cardigan & bucket bag

from Cityscape Bliss


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