LIFESTYLE | The internet is made of cats

Cookie the cat

It’s not made of cats like, literally. Or is it? OR IS IT??! To be fair, when you look at the amount of cat videos on YouTube, cat memes and cat pictures on Pinterest, cat accounts on Instagram and cat-related tweets on Twitter, it is fair to say that the internet is (at least partially) made of cats, cats and cats.

Cat videos
I’m a strong believer that cat videos are the best thing ever invented. No matter how down you might be, a compilation of cats chasing the red dot will make you smile. and if not then there’s always this video. And let me just throw this out there: What was life pre-cat-videos? Just, what was it?!

Cat pictures
Okay, Grumpy cat is the king of the internet but with all respect to his majesty, there’s a ton (literally probably hundreds of tons) of other amazing internet cats. As of late I have been loving Floppit & Junior (Instagram here) and The Real Percy the Persian (Instagram here). Looking at cat pictures makes up probably for more than an hour of my day. No joke. If you don’t believe check out my Pinterest cat-board. But beware, you will spend next 2 hours browsing through cat pictures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Cat games 
As soon as I got my first smartphone I downloaded anything cat related. Yeah, I know, what a saddo. But c’mon, who doesn’t want a cat tamagotchi on their phone?! Or a cat that you can stroke by swiping your screen?! A brand new world has opened to me when I discovered you can play online cat games, who knew?! Netbet Online Casino is an online gaming portal which has got loads of standard online casino games, slot games, bingo, poker, blackjack and more – but! you can also find games such as The Cat Master on it! And just so you know – they meow too. They MEOW!

Okay, that’s enough for today kids, next time we might talk monkeys or tigers, you never know! 

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