LIFESTYLE | 10 ways to battle post-holiday blues

I’m definitely a prime example of someone suffering from post-holiday blues. I have been going about Santorini for way too long now and I can’t see the end of it (soz not soz). The weather is not helping it either, I’ve been waking up to dark foggy mornings for more than a week now and it’s getting more tiring by day. I ain’t just moany though, you know? This is a real thing – apparently over 70% of British adults suffer from the same post-holiday sadness (based of Jet2Holidays study). Let’s see what I’ve been doing to combat it. 

1. I pick up a book whenever I feel like I’m getting a little too nostalgic, it’s the easiest way to get lost in someone else’s story rather than be stuck reminiscing about the same beach all over and over again.

2. Sweets. I may have been eating Eclairs for dinner. Twice a week. Judge me, I deserve it.

3. Listening to a lot of music – works just like reading books but a little less effort! 

4. I’ve also been using my holiday fragrance & moisturiser more – not that it makes me stop thinking about the holiday but it makes me feel like I’m still there. Sometimes you just have to go back for a little moment. 

5. Going out for nice meals and little day trips on the weekend helps so much! 

6. Making a holiday scrapbook or just printing out a few pictures – it helps to vent your mourning, believe me
7. I’ve also been planning next year’s holiday – forward is the way to go, not looking back (also you get some bloody good deals if you book in advance, just sayin’).
8. Being creative and active in general helps too – I have been redecorating the house, decluttering my make-up drawer and the wardrobe!
9. Sharing your memories and reminiscing with another person is always so much better than drowning at it on your own! 
10. Well, we booked another holiday – just a city break but a holiday nonetheless. That’s what happens when post-holiday blues win. Yup.

What do you do to battle the post-holiday blues?

from Cityscape Bliss


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