FASHION | White blazer & tiny bag

White blazer & tiny bag

Not even gonna pretend I don’t look like a right knob in these pictures, because, well, I do. And there’s just nothing I can say to make it any better. It just bloody happened, alright? Now let’s get over it and move onto the swanky outfit I put together. An outfit which so called ‘capsule wardrobe people’ would class as my uniform, I believe. It features 4 of my ultimate wardrobe staples. And a pair of sunglasses which I can see in (because they are also prescription glasses, ha!).

So what is it, this uniform? It’s as simple as a pair of skinnies (these were £7 from Primarni and I ripped them myself), a plain oversized top (some would say unflatteringly oversized, I would say ’XL was the only size left in this colour and I really wanted it’; this one is from Zara for £12), a blazer (ideally oversized too; this one is from Primark – I think it was in sale for about a fiver?) and a pair of Converse-lookalikes. Because in my books this is the most comfortable combination you can ever wear. Obviously apart from jogging bottoms and a dead old top you inherited from your boyfriend. I’m also wearing my 2 in 1 prescription sunglasses which are probably the best thing that has happened to me. Oh, and I almost forgot about my tiny handbag from Primark – I think it was just £8 and it looked very fashion-blogger-esque; in fact it works really well as a camera bag! There, that’s what I wear when I want to look presentable but you know, it’s the weekend and you can’t really be bothered to slap on a ton of make-up and get your heels out. Just, maybe, don’t judge me, okay?

top // Zara (similar here)
jeans // Primark
trainers // Aliexpress
blazer // Primark
necklaces // H&M and Aliexpress
watch // DW (via Aliexpress)
glasses // GlassesShop

White blazer & tiny bag

White blazer & tiny bag

White blazer & tiny bag

from Cityscape Bliss


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