BEAUTY | Browns, nudes and champagne

Nude make-up picks

The more autumnal the weather gets the more I tend to steer away from peaches, corals and pinks. And in spite of everyone’s (& their cat’s) incline to berries and vampy shades, I pick up products which have more earthy and natural tones – browns, nudes and champagne. Sometimes I go wild and pick up a khaki green eye shadow or a golden toned eyeliner. But that’s about it for my autumn game to be honest. Hey! It’s not as boring as it sounds, okay?!

⇢ Inika cream eye shadow in Champagne (Lucy Rose, £18): Inika is an organic vegan brand which is sometimes quite hard to get your mitts on. I’m not one to specifically look for organic/vegan products but if you are someone who really keeps an eye on this then this is a brand to have a little more look into! I really enjoy using this cream eye shadow on days when my face can be quite low-key but I still want to look like I made some effort. Strangely enough you’d expect an organic cream eye shadow to not be particularly great when it comes to staying power and creaselessness but this one works amazingly! Well done, Inika!   
 Inika mineral bronzer (Look Fantastic, £16.40): For when your tan is on its last legs and there;s only so much you can do to save it. This mineral bronzer has a little sheen to it, almost like MAC’s Soft & Gentle but much more bronzey. 
⇢ Lola eye shadow in Brown (M&S, £10): You remember Lola right? From here? Or here? Their eye shadows are slightly on the chalkier side but great to slap on when you’re having a shorter work day and don’t feel like wearing anything too heavy. That type of eye shadow you wear on Friday, yeah.  
 Lola highlighter (M&S, £12): Ah, everyone loves a bit of highlighter, right? Especially when the days are getting shorter and you’re waking up into gloomy foggy mornings (just like today’s was, meh). This is a lovely little highlighter which I’ve been using mainly whilst travelling – it also works great as an eye shadow and an overall highlighter – on my cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and even a little on the nose! 
⇢ Inika powder foundation (Naturisimo, £25): I really wish I had a lighter shade (the one I have is slightly too dark for me even when I’m tanned, oops!). The texture of this mineral foundation is really lovely though and finish is almost velvet-like!
 Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige (Debenhams, £20): Tereza, shut up about this lipstick for God’s sake! Well, it is a bloody brilliant lipstick you know and I will go on about it probably until its very last breathe. It’s just the right shade of browney beige which is quite warm toned rather than cool toned – which is what ultimately draws out paleness in my face (and who on Earth would want that!).  

What’s your go to autumn colour that makes you really ‘comfortable’?

from Cityscape Bliss


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