BEAUTY | Korres Santorini

How to feel a little less sad that your holiday is over? Get yourself some pampering products with the scent of your holiday destination. Yes, you heard me. The scent of a destination. For instance take these Korres Santorini Vine bad boys – just the packaging takes me back to the beautiful little Greek island. And they smell oh so sunny & delicious!

What’s interesting is that not many people know that Korres is a Greek brand. I remember the first time I heard about it I was absolutely fascinated by it for I didn’t know about any other Greek brand that would be so well known across the world. I just had a quick look at it was 2012, whuut – the year Korres first took the spot light on this blog (read here and here).

Now enough of this nostalgia, let’s move onto the Santorini Vine range. There are two products which come scented after Santorini – and they are the Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk (click here) and Korres Santorini Vine Shower Gel (click here). I love all Korres products so there’s no point me harping on about how lovely they are. I’ll point out just one things – and that’s the scent. They smell super sweet but like holiday-sweet with a hint of ocean and stuffed vine leaves with rice on top of that. It might not sound that appealing the way I make it sound but man does it smell lovely! Gah! Gorgeous!

I also want to point out that Beauty Expert are having some pretty damn good offers on at the moment, one of them being 1+1 shower gels (click here). BAM.          

PS: For those who are confused why I’d want to bathe myself in the scent of Santorini read my Greek travel diary here.

Have you tried any Korres products before?

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