FASHION | Khaki & black

Khaki Mango dress

It’s been months and months (maybe a year? I honestly can’t even remember) since I have attempted posing for outfit photos. I genuinely admire the pants out of all the fashion bloggers who have beautiful photos of themselves in every other post. It sounds vain to some but I can appreciate how much work goes into it and the added value it gives to your blog – seeing blogger’s face every now and then gives such a massive personality boost to the anonymous corners of the internetz. I ain’t no Sincerely, Jules, soz – but it was about time to show you some of my new wardrobe additions off the hanger so to speak. My two new favourite colour combination – khaki & black.

Let me talk you through what I’m wearing. Khaki is my new favourite colour. Especially in combination with black – makes it look like you’re not one of those ‘the only colour I ever wear is black’ but it’s still very toned down and minimal. This particular dress is from Mango (via House of Fraser – this one is now sold out but have a look at their dresses, they have literally thousands and the sale is immense, loads of dresses were going for less than a tenner!). This takes me to my new handbag which is also from Mango (or at least looks like it is, ehm) and I initially got it for work but the size is just right for every day so I wear it just about everywhere! My duster coat is from New Look but it’s a year, maybe even two old and bobbly and I need a new one but can’t find a nice soft one anywhere and it makes me sad. Halp. The same desperation is now spreading to the shoe department too. These H&M ankle boots are the most comfortable boots in the whole world and they are on their last leg (erm that’s ironic haha). I went to TKMaxx just yesterday to have a look at their ankle boot offer and the only pair that I instantly fell in love with was broken (already, yup). What is life?! Have you seen any nice ankle boots or duster coats? Make sure to tweet me your recommendations please – @cityscapebliss

dress // Mango (via House of Fraser; sold out)
duster coat // New Look (similar here)
ankle boots // H&M (similar here)
handbag // Mango (via Aliexpress)


Khaki Mango dress

Khaki Mango dress

Khaki Mango dress

Khaki Mango dress

from Cityscape Bliss


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