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My 10 favourite things in August 2015

I know, I know – just yesterday I was saying that all I need in life is good food, excellent company (both feline & human), green garden and snapping away whilst travelling and today I’m flooding your feed with nail polishes, blushers and sparkly necklaces. Well, here you go anyways, a list of 10 materialistic nice to haves which I’ve been enjoying in the month of August

layered statement necklace (23.90, Happiness Boutique): I feel like the market is becoming somewhat over-saturated with statement necklaces (they are all either floral or bohemian and most of them you can get on Aliexpress for £2, meh) so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many unique designs on the Happiness Boutique website. This layered Art Deco one has been my go to necklace this month and I can promise you this ain’t the last time you’re seeing it!  
Steven Brindle: Brunel (£7.99, Amazon): Book no 2 in our book club. Yeah, Shaun & me have a personal book club where each month we go to the Waterstones and pick a book for each other. Then at the end of the month we have a cheeseboard & wine kind of night and pretend we’re all intellectual talking about our books. Cool kids, ay!  
Dior nail polish in Amazonia (£5, Depop): This autumn will be in the colour of army green for me I think. Starting with this nail polish and (definitely not) ending with a new khaki green dress I got from Mango sale. By the way I got this nail polish of Depop for some £5. Yup. Seriously.   
MAC blush in Gleeful (£20, Debenhams): The colder the weather the berrier my blusher. Simples.  
Ole Henriksen Invigorating night cream (£47, Escentual): This has been my skin saviour in the past month. I have been using the Mario Badescu Silver Powder to cleanse my pores (which by the way works like a treat!) and my skin has been needing some extra care. Not only that this boy is packed with active ingredients and smells beautifully, it actually does make my skin feel much fresher in the morning.  
⇢ Ole Henriksen Ultimate lift eye cream (£36, Escentual): Now I struggle with eye creams. I’m not gonna lie – I have not yet found an eye cream that I’d stick to for longer than say a month. Some of the ones I’ve tried were good, some of them were damn good but none of them has swept me off my feet. Maybe this chap will?
Aesop Rosehip seed lip cream (£8.50, E-bay): I have been looking for some new exciting lip treatment for the colder months and this is what I settled on. So far I can tell you that it does a great job at softening lips however I haven’t had the chance to put it through a real tough test of chapped lips yet. 
new prescription glasses & sunglasses in 1 ($45.95, GlassesShop): These glasses are da bomb. It’s a really affordable pair which comes with clip on sunglasses – how cool is that?! These have literally changed my life. Not only that the glasses are pretty swanky (they are massive!) but the clip on mechanism also means that I can wear sunglasses AND see. Just, life-changing.
make-up bag (£3.50, Aliexpress): This is obviously a replica of a Mulberry make-up bag and all I can say is that I’m endlessly thankful that this is just a replica because before I got home from work, Cookie thought it was a good idea to play hide and seek with the parcels that came through the post that day. He carried them around the house, in his teeth, and hid them – under the bed, under the wardrobe, behind the toilet, ya know – a standard cat behaviour. This resulted in me going mental because A) I couldn’t find anything and B) because all my parcels had little teeth marks all over them. And so did this bag. Not just the packaging, the actual bag too. Cheers Cookz
 holiday planning: Finally, we going on holiday to Prague in 3 weeks and I cannot wait. It will be the first time this year going to Czech, whey! All the cheap beer and dumplings and really stinky cheeses! 

What have you been loving this month?

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