LIFESTYLE | What is serenity?

Serenity is such a beautiful word yet it is so hard to define. Oh wait, it’s not. Terri (from Hello, Terri Lowe) has already enlightened us – serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. A very rare combination of states to find in me all at once. I’ve been often told I’m a troubled child who’s restless and in a constant battle against the world. And you know what? I am just like that but I do have brighter, calmer and even cheerful moments in my life. There’s actually a whole lot of them! And these are the four things that make my life the serenest (a superlative from sere, it’s a real word, I googled it).  

An epitome of serenity for me is a garden. It might be because I grew up in the country and have always been surrounded by never-ending fields, dark (rather scary) forests, apple orchards and English-style gardens my parents always loved creating. Finally moving from the city into the suburbs gave me the opportunity to have my little piece of greenery, mow the lawn, sow seeds and watch them grow into pretty flowers, carrots and pumpkins. I’m even growing a lotus flower from seeds – things like that get me way too excited!  

I used to hate cooking. I still kinda do, but making your dinner from scratch whilst having some good company around makes even crappy days a little less crap. Have you ever bought a whole fish (fresh mackerels are just a quid in Asda, can you believe that?!), stuffed it with whatever veg you found in the fridge, roasted it and ate with accompanied by a glass of red wine? You ought to do that, it’s the best. 

Although I’m as antisocial as one can get at the age of 26, I do enjoy a real good quality company. And by that I mean A) a cat who starfishes on my bed at night whilst dribbling on my hand and B) the same but in a human form (yeah, soz Shaun).

As a tourism graduate I will always enjoy travelling, exploring and snapping away. I may not particularly enjoy the packing panic, overwhelming travel sickness and toilets away from home (doesn’t everyone find toilets which are not their own just a little uncomfortable?!), but I do love seeing views I haven’t seen before, be it narrow crooked streets or volcanos.

This post is a part of the Portmeirion #ShareYourSerenity challenge which I got nominated to by Terri (ta, chuck). You can take part here and fingers crossed you win a stay at Portmeirion (which is apparently oh so lush!). 

What is your serenity?

from Cityscape Bliss


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