GARDEN | Alan, a cat poo & carrots

You might wonder what does Alan, a cat poo and carrots have in common (and to be fair – it would be a bit strange if you did not wonder). Don’t worry, the answer won’t come in a form of some terrible political joke, it’s actually rather simple. About 6 months ago I Shaun. And if Shaun could choose to be anything or anyone in this world (and being a goat wasn’t an option), he would most likely choose to be Alan Titchmarsh

All three of us – Shaun, Alan and me – enjoy our projects. And one of our very first projects as a team (Alan being with us virtually through his endless wisdom which he shares through books and witty Youtube videos) was getting a dozen or so of seed packets from the gardening section in Wilkos, sowing them in neat lines and patiently waiting (whilst weeding and watering like mad, and scoopin’ out cat poop from the allotments just about every other day) for our first crops to pop up. And believe it or not, about 6 months down the line (I know, growing veg in this English weather is not a particularly speedy process), let me introduce you to our very first completely homegrown salad (minus the bread, obvs). How bloody brilliant, right? All the food you can see in the pictures grew from teeny tiny seeds, what a little miracle!   

And you can’t even imagine how good homegrown veg tastes! The bestest

And apart from just showing off what amazing gardeners we are, I just wanted to share this new hobby of mine with you. Because it’s all make-up and shoes and and off recipe with a travel diary here and there, so maybe some of you appreciate this new gardening scope of this blog and maybe, just maybe some of you might even find it inspirational

PS: The pretty little bowl is from Denby Kyoto range (here) and the Alan Titchmarsh book is from Waterstones (here). 

If there’s anything particular you’d like me to talk about re the big magical garden of mine, then let me now in the comments below!

from Cityscape Bliss


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