LIFESTYLE | The Color Run 2015

The Color Run. So we ran it. And we survived it. What’s more, it was the best fun I’ve had in ages! You might have read the Color Run prep post I published a few weeks back here. If you’ve seen it you’ll know that I was absolutely terrified of it, dreading it from the day when I signed up all the way until sometime around 12:00 on Saturday morning whilst half-way through the run. And you know what? Maybe they are right when they say that you should try and overcome your fears – because some of them might really be so much less worrying once you’ve faced them. I guess you could call me the living proof of this. 

So just a quick recap – I ran the Colour Run with Shaun. He loves running (maybe a little bit too much – c’mon, does anyone really enjoy running?!), and he can run. I bloody hate it and I have never ran as much as a mile in my life. There goes the challenge – my expectations were not particularly high in terms of both running (aka surviving) and keeping the relationship on a friendly level throughout the run (aka not killing each other – I suspected I will be moaning/crying/collapsing and Shaun will lose his shiz on me).

And how was it, really? Well, the day started off on a train to the NEC – with a quick stop at Primarni for some sunglasses and a bumbag (two key accessories you need at the Color Run – for real) and a breakfast of champions – some yoghurt, banana and a flapjack. Once at the NEC I started to realize that this ain’t no joke. We actually doing it. Jeeeesus. Then came the warming up exercises and stretching. Ouch. And then it was the start line. Although I was chocking on my own dread, everyone else seemed super cheery and as if they were absolutely lovin’ it. That made me reconsider. Maybe this was gonna be fun! And the run started. I ran (never thought I’d say this in my life). And despite the chest pain, knee pain, bouts of throbbing head and slight nausea, loss of breathe, some digested cornstarch paint (and maybe being a little melodramatic here and there) never did I stop once. On each kilometre we got doused in different colour and it was so much fun and it was oh my god just awesome and I want to run it again like right now! Look at the pictures, look at them – I bloody loved it!

Lesson learnt? Don’t be scared to challenge yourself. If running is what you absolutely can’t stand then the Color Run is definitely the best way to give it a try and I can guarantee you that you’ll love it. The Color Run is, as they say (and I can confirm this ain’t no lie), for everyone. Maybe next time I’m gonna go and swim with sharks. Or you know – just swim. Because, God, I hate that too.   

Oh by the way – Shaun was pretty awesome, although I ran at a snail pace, he very patiently ran with me the whole time. Bless!         

Have you been to the Color Run before?

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