BEAUTY | Lottie London

After almost 4 years of blogging about beauty products (not exclusively but a fair bit!) it gets quite hard to get excited about nail polish, I’m not gonna lie. And although it’s oh so rare that some of them catch my eye, this brand has managed to do rather well! Let me introduce you to Lottie London – the selfie read beauty! Even the tag line does it for me – the brand is playful, it has the right here, right now kind of vibe and the colours are spot on. What else would you really need from nail polish?! 

Lottie London is quiet a simple yet very much thought-through brand. It has got this stylish almost Urban Outfitters feel to it and the packaging is just too cute for words. The colours I got are Revamp (Essie-Wicked lookalike), Bedazzled (Christian Louboutin kind of red), Icono-Holic (Hollywood I-like-it-hot red), Selfie (sweet fuchsia pink) and Vibe (burnt orange). All of these are super duper lovely but my personal favourite is Revamp because it is so Essie-Wicked but better! You know when you get compliments on the glossiness of your nail polish then you’ve done gooood. And that’s exactly what you get with this shade. BAM! 

You can get Lottie London in selected Superdrug stores or on ASOS. You’re welcome. 

Have you come across any exciting nail polish brands lately?

from Cityscape Bliss


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