7 Tips on How To Look and Act Like a Local Dalmatian

This is good read and tips to look like a local in Dalmatia:

Living in Croatia for the past 5 years I have come to familiarize myself
with the local life in Dalmatia. It has a special energy, a relaxed
tempo and a unique temperament that each local is born with, commonly
known as ‘Dalmatinski Temperament’. This unique temperament is in the
Dalmatian blood and it expresses their love for the rocky soiled landscapes that decorate Dalmatia,
the figs, olive oil, wine and its famed Adriatic sea coloured by
various shades of blue. I remember when I first arrived in Split I
noticed that Dalmatians, without trying, lived the quality life, the
kind of life the western world dreamed of and I realized that I wanted
that life.

Read: http://selectitaly.com/blog/croatia-travel/how-to-act-and-look-like-dalmatian/

I also came across with this article: http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2015/04/i-got-to-tell-you-i-thought-blacks-in.html


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